Pumpkin-induced bliss


I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. This week is flying by. Tomorrow is Thursday, which is basically the weekend when you’re in college. Also, I only have one class tomorrow. Done by 11:30 AM. Just keeps getting better, right?

I had something new for breakfast today. This is saying something, as I’m usually quite content to eat toast with peanut butter and bananas. But I wanted to use the other half of the roasted acorn squash from last night…


And I did! I stuffed it with Greek yogurt and Kashi GoLean. Then I drizzled it with honey.


Money shot.

It was so good. Good enough that I’m bummed I won’t have any for breakfast tomorrow.

All gone!

The only caveat to this wonderful and unusual breakfast: I wasn’t sure how long it would last me (this seems to be a common theme for my breakfasts). So I packed a handful of these bad boys to eat in between classes:

My favorite snack.

When I was a kid, I hated these (though that’s not surprising – I was incredibly picky. So much so that frozen bread was the backbone of my diet). The smoky flavor made me gag. Actually, my friend Brook and I used to have spitting competitions with these (hey, we were eight years old). We’d sit on the edge of the dock at her cottage and see who could spit an object (usually almonds) farthest. Once we used this brand, and I still remember being shocked at the smoky taste. I was so concerned with getting rid of that (at the time) awful taste that Brook easily beat me in that particular spitting competition. TMI? Maybe. But anyway – now I love these almonds. They are my go-to snack; I always look forward to eating them.

Lunch was a bit of a mix-mash today. I like when all my dishes are from the same country. For example, one of my favorite cuisines is Middle Eastern, so I like to have a salad with tabouli and veggies with hummus. More often than not, though, I can’t stick to one cuisine. Today’s lunch is a prime example of that.

Lentil soup + salad + WW English muffin

It included the rest of the Progresso Lentil soup from last night; a Mediterranian-inspired salad with roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, garbanzo beans, and feta over mixed baby greens with EVOO and balsamic vinegar; and a whole wheat English muffin (one half with PB and J, the other with butter).

Salad + Carbs = Luv

Like my dad, I love ordering soup and salad when I go out to eat. I find it leaves me less stuffed than I would be if I ordered a full-size entree. Today’s lunch was no exception. I didn’t get hungry until right around dinnertime, either.

I knew I wanted to have sweet potatoes with dinner. I had two in the pantry that need to be used up. So I thought I’d have breakfast for dinner (sort of!).

Omlet + sweet potato fries + strawbabies

Can you tell I like ketchup? I also doused the sweet potato fries in it. They’re just not the same without ketchup. The omlet was filled with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and feta.

On the side, I had some crunchy vegetables.

Baby carrots + red pepper + Lentil dip from TJ's

I impulse bought this lentil dip from Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. They were serving it as a free sample. The taste is interesting – almost like a more exotic version of hummus – and I liked it so much I bought a second tub last weekend.

Dessert was the highlight of my eats today, though. My roommate Sarah’s mom made this incredible pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. I had a big ass (sorry! Vulgar, I know…) slice a while after dinner. It was still gorgeous out, so I ate it outside on the front porch.

Pumpkin perfection.


It took all of my control not to go back for a second piece. I’ve got to buy some canned pumpkin, and soon. I’m just not sure what to do with it, aside from cakes and pies. Any suggestions?

I should really be starting an essay about “Midsummer Night’s Dream” tonight, but I just don’t know if that’s going to happen. I’m almost finished with an article about the President of J. Crew (AKA my favorite store) in the New Yorker. After that, there’s an article about Boardwalk Empire, HBO’s new show, that I’d like to read. I’ve watched the first two episodes, and I’m still not sure if I’m sold. It’s no Mad Men. Has anyone else watched? If yes, what do you think?

Have a good night!


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2 Responses to Pumpkin-induced bliss

  1. UJ says:

    I am not a fan of canned pumkin except when used to make holiday pies but fresh squash of any kind is excellent and easy to cook in a steamer. It mixes well with anything you eaten this week, especially feta and red peppers and you never need to feel guilty about a second serving. I just hope Kafka ate something else when he wrote Metamorphis. All those roaches…..!!!

  2. magpie64 says:

    If you come across a good recipe for pumpkin cake, please share. I’d love to make some!

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