A Brief Overview of Eats

Hey all!

This is a quick one, because I really should be studying (midterm time is killer).

In no particular order:


A plate full of Zingerman's.


Zingerman’s Whole Wheat Farmhouse bread (so good toasted and dipped in hummus), Zingerman’s pickle (words can’t describe!), Salad with sauteed mushrooms, toasted acorn squash seeds, goat cheese, and balsamic vinagrette.


Toast, Salad, Pickle, Soup - A perfect lunch.


More Zingerman’s influence (bread and pickle). Accompanied by a salad of spinach and mixed greens topped with lemon juice. Additions: tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas, feta, store bought Tabbouli, TJ’s hummus. Such a perfect lunch. On the side: some leftover Mushroom-Barley soup.


Couscous and sweet potato fries + ketchup.


An autumnal meal, eaten on the front porch with my gurl Laura. I sauteed an apple in a little butter and brown sugar. Towards the end I tossed in some walnuts. I saved half of this mixture for breakfast this morning (but more on that later). I added that to the whole wheat couscous, along with a little maple syrup, brown sugar, and goat cheese. On the side, I had some sweet potato fries and ketchup.


Typical dessert.


These almonds (from TJ’s) are incredible. They’re dark chocolate, and a little salty. My mom tried one and was a convert. This is what the box looks like:




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