Hi everyone! I’m Mary. I’m a college student in my junior year, and I’m an English major. This is a relatively recent development for me – up until last June, I thought I wanted to be a dietitian. But I changed my mind, and English it is. I’m swimming in reading, but I’ve never felt happier in my classes.

I love to eat. Like many college girls, though, I feel a lot of pressure to be thin. Last year I used to compensate for that feeling by not eating very much during the day. As a result, I would come home at night after spending hours in the library and dive into a box of cereal. I’d only remember to breathe when my hand scraped the bottom of the box.

This year, I’m trying to eat less like I’m on a diet and more like I’m eating for health. I still struggle sometimes with what I eat, which is part of the reason I wanted to make this blog. I think taking pictures and writing about what I eat will provide a more objective perspective. I’m learning that eating doesn’t have to be associated with guilt or restraint – if anything, it should be used to enhance even the most mundane of days. I wanted to create this food blog months ago, but back then I was so food-frenzied that it wouldn’t have been helpful or healthy. Things have changed though; I’ve remembered that food isn’t only supposed to nourish – it’s should taste good, too!

This all brings me to the essential reasons I made this blog: I love to eat, write, and read. Part of that is due to my mom. Not only is she an incredible cook, but she also has a really healthy relationship with food. For years she’s been setting a good example for me. Along with my dad, she’s had a heavy hand in making me an active reader and writer, too. My favorite childhood memories are of reading with my parents before bed and art time in the afternoons with my mom. I still love to do those things. I also enjoy yoga, walking, cooking, (or learning to!) and spending time with friends and family.

So that’s my story – or part of it, at least! I hope you’ll enjoy reading about what I learn to cook, eat and read.


2 Responses to About

  1. Pat Demery says:

    I wish I could eat the things you have on there in the pictures!

  2. Anne says:

    This is so cool! I am so happy that you are an English major…my love too as you know. I will follow this closely as I have really been trying to eliminate all meat from my diet. The things you love to cook and eat are vegetarian but are they vegan??
    Again, congrats on an amazing site and an even more amazing adventure.

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